JP Money for Gold

Established in the Year 2017, J P Group is a new and vibrant entrant to the gold trading business. The promoter's of J P Group Mr. Prabakaran. N, Sarathy & Murugan has a long-term vision of addressing the problems faced by the public, who want to sell their used gold at a correct rate.

How to Check the Purity of Gold

The value of the gold is measured in Karat system with 24 point-scale is considered as highest value with 100% pure gold. Gold ornaments with 12 Karat considered as 50% pure and only gold bar and coin comes with 24 carat i.e. 100% purity. Rest of the ornaments manufacture in 22, 20, 18, 16, 14, 12, etc carat and mixed with silver, copper or iron to make it strong, tighten and durable ornaments. There are basically two ways to check the purity of gold before buying: acid test, electrical conductivity.

Process to Buy the Gold

The first step when a customer wants to sell the gold or any other jewelry, just make a call on 8489915585 anywhere

We would request you to be ready with following documents

  • Original ID proof and photocopy
  • Original address/residence proof and photocopy
  • One passport size photo
  • Process of Evaluating Gold Purity and Weighing
  • The second step in the process of buying your gold jewelers involves determining the purity of gold or other jewelers and its weight through acid & electrical test
  • We ensure you that we give best price every time.
  • We believe in complete transparency so we check the purity and weight of gold jeweler’s right in front of customer.
  • J P Money for Gold does not melt or break any gold item to check the purity of ornaments.
  • After checking the purity and weighing the gold jewelry, we inform the customers about final amount of their jewels after deducting our 3% J P Money for Gold fee to complete the process.
  • If customer is happy with the amount, we pay the instant spot cash for jewels otherwise returns the gold without melting and damaging.

Gold for Sell

  • Want to sell your gold.
  • Worried about the best price for your ornaments
  • Looking to sell at best market price and want to get best value for your ornaments
  • Our buying range comes with minimum 2 gm to no limit for gold.
  • J P Money for gold buy old, second-hand, damaged or unused gold in Best Price
  • Offer instant spot cash or immediate online transfer for gold.
  • We pay the amount through cash or Cheque or online payment.
  • Reason to Sell Your Gold to J P Money for Gold
  • We don't deduct any making charges
  • We give you the best price of your jewelers
  • Check the purity of gold by properly
  • We follow the complete transparency in checking and weighing the gold. We check and weigh the ornaments right in front of customer
  • We don't melt any precious metal, in-case you are not happy with price we return your jewelers without damaging
  • Offer price based on the purity of Gold
  • Pay immediate cash against your gold jewelry
  • Cash, Cheque and NEFT/RTGS (online) transferred service available

Bring your ornaments to our branch which you want to sell us

  • Original bill of the ornaments (If Available*)
  • Your original valid ID proof (PAN Card/Adhar Card)
  • Latest original residence proof
  • Passport size photo
  • If customer holds pledged gold in banks, pawn shops or Financers and want to sell after releasing
  • Please give us Call on 8489915585 and our Customer Support Executive will help you in fixing your doubts. We are available from 09.30 AM To 06.00 PM to help you.
  • or Visit our Branches with the following documents to understand the feasibility